Teaching Support Needed

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The new year is starting soon and many courses, including my own are still in need of teaching support. I need tutors, demonstrators and markers.

Open Positions

Informatics 1 - Object Oriented Programming

There are various posts around Java programming such as demonstrators, tutors and markers for the first year, second semester course Inf1B formerly known as Inf1-OP.

The Inf1B course is a 20 credit version of the previous Inf1-OP course. Some changes in the way it is taught will be introduced but the syllabus will stay mostly the same. The Labs will have some new material and tutorials will be held in larger groups with multiple tutors. There won’t be an exam and markers are required for handling the assignments at the end of the semester.

INF1B Tutor INF1-OP Demonstrator INF1-OP Marker

Programming Club

Another area where I am looking for help with is the Programming Club. Like in previous years, we offer a selection of interesting programming projects for students to work on for additional programming experience. We aim to offer special sessions such as Interview Training and Coding Competitions and, of course, we have a large box of toys ranging from Lego EV3s, Ardurinos and Raspberry Pi boards to drones and 3D printers. We aim to have something interesting for everyone who shows up no matter if beginner or advanced programmer.

We need demonstrators to provide support during the sessions. Positions are available in first and second semester.

PGCLUB Demonstrator

Extreme Computing

Lastly, we are in need of markers for the fourth year, first semester Extreme Computing course. We need a few more assignment markers. We can only accept post graduate students as assignment markers.

EXC Assignment Marker

Hiring Process

You might know the process already, but just in case the way the application and hiring process works is explained on the teaching support web pages.

The application process in a nutshell:

  1. Fill in Teaching Support Applicant Information Form
  2. Make an appointment with Informatics Teaching Organisation (ITO) and have your ID checked
  3. Fill in Teaching Support Application for Work Form
  4. Get in touch with me for a chat about the open positions

Once you are hired, you will have to go through compulsory training which you can also do online and then you can get to work.

You can find a detailed description, necessary forms and contacts here:

How to Apply

You can find all teaching support vacancies here (dice login):

Live Vacancies

Looks great on the resume, you get some extra money and you might get the lecturer to write you a reference letter!